All for a little romance....

February 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment



This weekend I had one of those magical moments. One of those moments, where you see the beauty of love....

My friend was going to surprise his fiancée with a ride in a Cinderella inspired carriage. I thought it was a beautiful and romantic gesture. I wanted to be there, as a simple way of saying, "Dude, this is a really sweet and cool idea that you are doing for your best friend. I totally dig it and want to offer what I can to make the night even a little bit more cool, not that it needs anything else." So on Saturday, I sat any plans I had aside, and went for a drive to Omaha to take a photo or two.

I'm so happy I did, to see their smiles: hers when she saw her night's ride and his when he saw her smile. I was happy to be there for the few minutes it took to capture an image or two. I quickly disappeared as they rode off together into the night.

Love is magical.




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